The Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department understands that the core competency of the fire service is their ability to pre-plan, have the right equipment for the emergency,  and most importantly have the knowledge and proficiency to use it effectively and efficiently.  To achieve this competency, the Silver Bluff has made a commitment to deliver the highest quality training possible for their firefighters.  A supporting goal is to constantly improve the delivered training to the level of “best in class” when compared against neighboring volunteer departments or even the larger paid departments.


Last Updated - Friday, October 3, 2008

National Fire Academy On-line - Various WBT Courses

GSA Course - Forceable Entry for Firefighters


2723-10601 Haz Mat Tech                      Lexington County

11/06/09                                                15 Students


2151-10601 Health & Safety Officer         Belvedere FD

11/7/09                                                 14 Students

Class will go


2154-10601 I-400                                   Belvedere FD

11/7/09 Fred Wilhite                               10 Students


2726-10601 Haz-Mat Ops Refresher        Aiken County Council Bldg

11/7/09                                                 1 Student


8118-10602 PPV                                    Bamberg FD

11/7/09                                                 20 Students

Class will go


1153-10602 Firefighter I                          Lexington County

11/9/09                                                 6 Students


2173-10602 Leadership III                       Belvedere FD

11/14/09                                                5 Students


1154-10602 Firefighter II                          Williston FD

11/16/09                                                2 Students


2723-10601 Response to Chlorine           Lexington County

11/21/09                                                5 Students



3392-10601 Confined Space Entry I         Cayce DPS

11/21/09                                                11 Students


3330-10602 Auto Extrication                   Lexington County

12/1/09                                                 18 Students




Resident Training- Has 10 slots available in the FLAG Class 11/21/09 Course Code is 1136-10007 and cut off is 11/5.  First come, first served!