Mission, Vision,

Core Values



The mission statement of an organization is intended to describe, in succinct terms, the purpose for the organization’s existence.  It articulates the principal reason for the organization’s presence within the community.  The Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department officers developed the mission statement below.

Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department Mission Statement:

      “Dedicated to the protection of life, property, and our environment


In addition to knowing who they are and understanding their beliefs, all successful organizations need to define where they expect to be in the future.  After having established the organizations mission the next logical step is to establish a vision of what the organization should be in the future.  Vision statements provide targets of excellence that the organization will strive towards and provide a basis for their goals and objectives.  The following vision statements were developed by the Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department.

Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department Vision Statements:

  1. Continually exceed our community’s expectations to protect life, property, and the environment.

  2. Be recognized by our community, peers, and neighboring agencies as an enthusiastic organization capable of providing effective protection of life, property, and the environment.

  3. Provide our team members with the skills, tools, and equipment to protect our community.

  4. Continue to effectively and enthusiastically provide public education.

  5. Provide our community with an agency that, through teamwork, communication, and education, embraces change.

  6. Maintain a respectful and compassionate environment among all members.


Establishing values embraced by all members of an organization is extremely important.  Values define those features and considerations that make up the personality of the organization.  The Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department felt it absolutely necessary to declare the following statements of values for the department.

Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department embraces these Core Values:

  1. Safety first

  2. Diversity

  3. Community involvement

  4. Open communication within the team and with the community

  5. Providing quality service

  6. Continuous improvement

  7. Working hard and having fun

  8. The importance of balancing the needs of the individual, family, and the organization

  9. Fiscal responsibility

  10. Trust, integrity, and ethical behavior

  11. Professionalism

  12. Dedicated teamwork

With the completion of the mission, vision and values, the Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department established the operation of the department.  The mission, vision, and values are the foundation of any successful organization.  Every effort should be made to keep these current and meaningful so that the individuals who make up the organization are well guided by them in the accomplishment of the goals, objectives, and day-to-day tasks.


Last Updated - Tuesday, September 30, 2008