The primary purpose of the Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department is to provide life, property, and environmental protection within a reasonable time and at an acceptable cost to the residence of District 17.

The Board of Fire Commissioners continues to emphasize their commitment to maintaining a strong community oriented emergency services department.  Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department has a longstanding volunteer tradition and believes the best way of providing emergency services is based on the philosophy of “neighbor serving neighbor.”  As a result of this philosophy, emergency services on in the district will continue to be provided by a Department staffed by community volunteers.

The primary role of the Board is to oversee the financial and business aspects of the fire department and to support the Fire Operations of the department acting in a fiduciary duty to District 17 residences. The development of the Strategic Plan was established for just this purpose.  The primary role of the Board regarding the strategic plan is to review the Mission, Vision and Values of the Department as developed and then to adopt Goals and Objectives that will be used to achieve them, as well as the Performance Objectives and Targets by which we will measure our success.

This finalized Strategic Plan is an attempt by the Board to chart a course for the future and to outline proposed actions for the Board of Fire Commissioners to take.  These future actions by the Board will be driven by revenue, levels of service needs and input from citizens of the District including possible future fee levies.  The Board of Fire Commissioners will address specific implementation of the Goals and Objectives outlined in the Plan through annual adoption of the Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Department budget in open public meetings.

Periodic review and updating of this entire Plan will be necessary to keep up with changes in community needs, demographics and departmental resources.


Last Updated - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strategic Plan

        Strategic Plan, Revision 0, May 1, 2008

Goal Description/Status

Goal One - Develop effective community outreach and involvement

            1A - Working

            1B -  Working

Goal Two - Improve organizational effectiveness

            2A    Working

            2B    Working

            2C    Working

            2D    Working

            2E     Working

            2F     Working

            2G    Working

            2H    Working

            2I      Working

            2J      Working

            2K    Working

            2L    Working

Goal Three - Provide quality and continually improving services to the community

            3A    Working

            3B    Working

            3C    Working

            3D    Working

            3E     Working

            3F     Working

            3G    Working

            3H    Working

            3I      Working

Goal Four - Maintain quality equipment and facilities

            Goal 4A and 4B           

            4C    Working

Goal Five - Be fiscally pro-active and responsible


            5A   Working

            5B    Working

            5C    Working

            5D    Working

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